The Hitachi Azuma

The Hitachi Azuma

LNER have replaced the much loved intercity 125 with the Hitachi class 800 Azuma. these new trains are part of the new LNER fleet. The other train in the new fleet is the Hitachi class 801 Azuma. there isn’t actually any difference between the two trains. London North Eastern Railway, Great Western Railway, Hull Trains, Avanti West Coast, East Midlands Railway and Trans Pennines Express have all ordered some form of the Azuma train. This may be in the form of: the class 800 (standard Azuma) or the class 801 Azuma, which is the same as the 800. it could be the class 802 Nova – it has a slightly more powerful engine to get up hills than the previous two; hence why Trans Pennine Express opted for this train.

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