About LW Rail

About LW Rail Magazine

LW Rail magazine is an online service to share and promote content relating to UK railways. It began as a father and son hobby, a project to teach website building skills and develop a greater understanding of social media platforms, design software and photo editing. 

Today LW Rail is more than a project. Today we operate as a not for profit organisation to develop and tell railway stories, share news, videos and photographs. 

We generate funds to run our site from the sale of merchandise and work with local and national organisations to build content. 

We are currently running month-long specials on different topics and we welcome suggestions. 

Who are we?

EDITOR – Lewis 

Lewis is a passionate railway enthusiast with a passion for photography and writing. 

A keen photographer from a young age, Lewis enjoys reporting on a wide range of subjects, learning about new technologies and developing new skills.

The daily content and stories are written by Lewis.

Team Manager & Deputy Editor – Dan

Dan has a passion for all things online, with a passion for website development, writing online content, marketing and media.

Dan has a background in Event Production Management, Health and Safety and Marketing and Media both in print and online. 

Dan supports Lewis in managing the day to day technical infrastructure for the site and links to partners. 

Dan also handles communications from media partners, advertisers and volunteers. 

Junior Photographer – William

William has recently joined the team and is keen to take videos and photographs of all shapes and sizes. 

William especially enjoys our day trips out, learning about the engineering of the railway. 

Would you like to join our team?

We are always looking for budding journalists to volunteer and join our team.

Importantly we have no age limit and we encourage anyone interested to get in touch. 

You can send us photos to publish, write stories on the latest news from around the UK and the rest of the world. 


Send us your information via our contact page