DRS sells older diesel locomotives

DRS sells older diesel locomotives

Direct Rail Services has placed a number of the older diesel locomotive members of their fleet up for sale. These are the heritage locos that were used on flask trains and RHTT duties before the class 68s/88s were introduced.

The sale will clear out: all of their class 20s, sell two of their class 37s, two of their class 57s along with four mk2 coaches.

DRS stated that this was the first in a series of locomotive sales, and that more of their class 37s and 57s would be sold in the future.

Since the auction, DRS don’t own any class 20s. They have served 25 years for DRS making them their the longest serving locomotive. 

DRS 68017 approaches Metrocentre with a Carlisle to Carlisle autumn RHTT.

The bidding sale took place until the 11th of November on an online bidding site. The locomotives that have replaces these much loved heritage diesel locomotives are the EMD class 66 diesel locomotives, the Stadler class 68 diesel locomotives and the Stadler class 88 electric locomotives.


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