TFW launch public survey

TFW launch public survey

Transport for Wales (TfW) is asking the public to take part in a survey that will help future transport planning following the covid-19 pandemic.

The new survey covers a number of different aspects of public transport that have been impacted by the pandemic, including people’s travel patterns, their future plans, and how they would like to purchase and use tickets.

As TfW continue with their plans to transform transport across their network, they want to engage with the people they serve, gain insight and provide them with a platform where their thoughts can be heard, shared and acted on. This will help TfW shape their major public transport schemes, including the modernisation of the Wales and Borders rail network and the three-quarters of a billion pound transformation of the South Wales Metro.

David O’Leary, Transport for Wales’ Commercial and Customer Experience Director, said:

“The customer is at the heart of our decision-making process at TfW and we are continually working to improve the overall customer experience.

“The challenges presented through covid-19 have meant that we’ve all had to re-evaluate the way we work and travel, and therefore new insight and research is fundamental. We need the public to help by taking part in the survey, so please follow the website link and share your views with us.”

Michael Davies, TfW’s Insight and Innovation Manager, added:

“The world has changed dramatically as a result of the Covid pandemic. The way we go about our daily lives, work, shop, travel and socialise has been affected by restrictions over the past 16 months. In Wales, public transport and in particular rail travel has been hit by an unprecedented drop in passenger numbers.

“We’re now looking at the future of rail travel and would like to understand a bit more about how you’re travelling now and might be in the near future. We’re keen to understand which mode of transport you use for different purposes.”

To complete the survey, please visit:


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