The Beaware Bubble

The Beaware Bubble

A lot of incidents on the railway are easy to prevent. As is this one. Imagine you are standing on the platform coming home from work. You are stuck in a book of on your phone and are beginning to loose concentration of the world around you. You are pacing the platform then suddenly. Whoosh! Your train pulls into the station you are too close to the platform edge you get nocked backwards and knocked back to consciousness. This brings up another key railway safety theme. Keep Back From The Yellow Line! It is essential that you are not standing too close to the platform edge for a few reasons. One, you could fall over the platform edge, and that definitely won’t end well, especially if a train is on its way. Another is that you could drop something on the tracks and that is never getting its way back to you. But the first one is of much greater importance. So the moral of this story is most definitely: KEEP BACK FROM THE PLATFORM EDGE!

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