This is why the MBTA is falling apart

This is why the MBTA is falling apart

Here is my opinion on the Transit Authority of Boston and the stock of the network.

The Transit Authority of Boston, MA is falling apart. the trains are catching fire left and right, the trains are getting older and older, and the whole system is very underfunded. It gets so bad that, the FTA (Federal Transit Administration) is currently inspecting the system to find out if it’s safe for riders or not.

One of these issues was the 50+ year old 1200s series subway cars used on the orange line, though very similar cars were used on the blue line, they were classified as 600s series. The 600s were retired in 2011 and replaced by 700s series.

A 600s series car at the Seashore Trolley musem

The orange line on the other hand, was still operating these old cars up until a few weeks ago. While in service, the 1200 series cars were really showing their age. Dirty seats, Roof was covered in patches, rust all over and recently one caught fire on the mystic river bridge in Somerville MA, which caused a month-long shutdown on the orange line which was a pain for commuters coming in and out of Boston.

One of the many broken seats on the class 1200 series cars

Currently (September 27 2022) The 1400 series cars have fully replaced the remaining 1200s in service. The 1400s are Troublesome CRRC subway cars that derailed 6 times, now most to all problems with these cars have been fixed. Similar cars will replace the 1700s series on the red line, they will be classified as 1900s series cars.

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