60103 Flying Scotsman

60103 Flying Scotsman

This is the A3 Flying Scotsman. It has travelled the world and is often regarded as the most famous steam locomotive of all time. In 2016, the National Railway Museum (NRM) at York undertook what is undoubtedly the biggest refurbishment of the Scotsman’s life. Now, it operates special steam services for West Coast Railways and Steam Dreams and The Railway Touring Company. You can go and see it in steam on the mainline or in a museum. It will be at the NRM Locomotion, which is in Shildon County Durham, for a brief stint in August this year.

This is the A3 60103 Flying Scotsman is a steam locomotive that was designed by Sir Nigel Gresly for the Kings Cross to Edinburgh LNER route.

Also, this legendary train has even inspired a new generation of steam locomotives. This being Tornado. If you would like to read more about 60163 Tornado, click on the link below.

With a WCR class 57 on the tail end, A1 steam locomotive 60163 takes the 1Z63 16:33 Edinburgh to York charter train on Saturday the 19th of June 2021.

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